Allegra Hoxmeier

Allegra's books are currently closed for July/August 2017  

Her books will be reopening mid August for the Fall/Winter season.

Booking Info

All appointments are made via the contact form found on the bottom of this page

A $60 PayPal deposit is required for all appointments at the time of booking. The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied towards the total cost of the tattoo at its completion. A mock-up of custom designs will be sent before the appointment. One revision can be made, any further design changes will require a $25 drawing fee.


What should I include in my design proposal?

Please include the ideal size, style (linework, dotwork, simple, bold, dark, etc), your ideal budget,  placement, and any specific requests that will be vital to the design.  It helps to be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE when describing your design. In the follow up email after submitting your contact form you can send over photo references. It there are specific elements you enjoy the look of don't hesitate to point them out. If you have schedule restrictions please include that as well.

Do you accept cash and/or card?

 Yes! We accept both cash and major credit cards! I don't have a preference as to which you pay with, but cash tips always RULE.

Do you tattoo color pieces?

I do on occasion but my specialty is blackwork designs. I do love including subtle color accents however!

I have an appointment booked with you, when will I be able to see the design mock up?

I typically send the design mock up around 2-3 days before our scheduled appointment. 

I'm traveling to Portland and I want a last minute tattoo! How can I get a piece from you?

If you are traveling and are looking to get an inky souvenir contact me and let me know the days you'll be in town. Although my books are very full cancellations/reschedules DO happen. Last minute bookings will be limited to my available pre-drawn flash.

Last minute openings are posted on my Instagram so feel free to turn on your post notifications!

Are your inks vegan?

Yes! All my inks are vegan as well as lil old me ;-)

Contact - 
Rate: $90/hour

$100 Minimum

Booking by appointment only.

Instagram - @Twin.Suns



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